Equity Release


Equity release is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and it’s a regulatory requirement that you seek expert advice before going ahead. We understand that when you’re thinking about unlocking money from your home there’s a lot to consider

Great Deals

We take the time to understand you and your needs, ensuring we find the right plan for you. We have a wide range of plans available and your adviser will search through them all to recommend the plan that suits you. If they determine that equity release isn’t right for you, they’ll tell you.

What to Expect

We will guide you all the way along your equity release journey; first and foremost, finding out whether equity release is right for you.

One of our fully-qualified equity release advisers will take the time to get to know you, either in the comfort of your own home, or over the phone – whichever you prefer – and they’ll recommend the most suitable option for you and your circumstances. Rest assured, though, if equity release isn’t right for you, they’ll tell you.

We will be on hand while all the legalities take place, and then your tax-free cash is released

Frequently Asked Questions

Is equity release safe?

Equity release is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) whose primary role is to protect customers and enhance the financial market’s integrity. We're authorised and regulated by the FCA, ensuring all our processes and recommendations are clear, fair and not misleading to customers.

Will I still own my home?

Yes, with our plans, you’ll still own your home and can stay in it for as long as you like.

Will I ever fall into negative equity?

No. All our plans are approved by the Equity Release Council and come with the no-negative-equity guarantee, meaning you’ll never owe more than your home’s worth.

Can I move home?

Yes. With Equity Release Council approved plans your plan can be transferred to a new home, subject to criteria.

Who handles the legal side of the process?

You'll be given a choice of independent solicitors to handle the legal side of the process to give you peace of mind.

Are there any restrictions on what I can do with the money released?

No, you can use it for anything you like – but think carefully about how much you need to borrow.

Can I still leave an inheritance for my family?

Yes, you can. Some of our plans guarantee a set percentage of your home’s value, at the time your plan ends, will be retained.

Can I do equity release if I still have a mortgage?

Yes, however, you will need to repay the mortgage using the money released. Any funds left over can be spent however you like.

What happens when I pass away?

Your home will be sold once you and your partner have died. The sale proceeds will be used to repay the amount you owe and any money left will go to your estate.

How is my home's value assessed?

Your property will be valued by an independent RICS registered surveyor so you can be confident of an unbiased opinion of your property’s worth.



We don’t charge a fee for our advice, instead we may charge a fee of between £299 and £499 for arranging your mortgage.

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