Taking care of the environment so the environment takes care of us.


Most importantly, this means being energy efficient in a bid to reduce our footprint. We are installing high efficiency lighting and heating throughout and all communal areas will be powered by solar panels on the roof.  We will be offsetting the rest by contributing to different projects both at home in the UK and abroad.

Perrymount Apartments will be carbon positive. This means that we will offset more carbon than we produce throughout the whole development.

Our projects for 2021-2022


Some of our carbon will be offset with tree planting right here is Sussex. 


Through photosynthesis trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen and wood.

For every tree that's planted, a ton of carbon will also be saved in the Brazilian Amazon via our VCS (Verified Carbon Standard) avoided deforestation programme.

This way, we will be offsetting carbon and planting and protecting forests and biodiversity on 2 continents. 


We will also support a project that  generates electricity using solar energy.

The generated electricity is exported to the regional electricty grid system in India.

The grouped project activity is a step towards supporting the implementation and installation of grid connected renewable energy power plants in India.


In addition to providing sustainable employment (reducing poverty) the project developer also provides improved healthcare, sanitation and educational support to the communities where the projects are based.

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